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Happiness expert, Sophie Keller, is an accomplished writer, life coach and TV Personality. She was originally best known in the US as a critically acclaimed actress for her role on the hit television show, “Gideon’s Crossing.”  Thousands of people now follow Sophie’s advice through her weekly column on The Huffington Post and her regular appearances on KTLA5 Morning News in Los Angeles where, with her ‘Balanced Life’ Segments she provides simple, sensible advice on how to create harmony and find inner joy.

With a passion for helping people, Sophie recently founded, a smart and entertaining website that blends wit with wisdom while offering practical tips for living a happier life. She is now working on the “How Happy is …” book series. Sophie has a unique talent at quickly uncovering where people get stuck in their lives and is a strong advocate for making positive choices that spark a deep happiness within.

In collaboration with be network, Sophie is developing an exciting original show based on her personal experiences and unique philosophy.