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Anointed “yoga’s messiah” by London’s Evening Standard, Maya’s unique brand of yoga for modern living and fresh perspective on life have made her one of the most in demand relaxation teachers throughout the world.

Doing yoga with Maya is inspirational, energizing, sexy and it gives me joy.  At the same time it quiets my mind and fills me with peace” – Elle Macpherson

One of the true examples of a pioneer in the field …” – Deepak Chopra

Trained as a concert pianist, Macedonia born Maya discovered Kundalini Yoga while studying at London’s Royal College of Music.  She found that this ancient practice, which provides a total mind-body-spirit workout, profoundly affected her being while also helping to calm jittery nerves before performances.  For the past few years, Maya’s charismatic presence has built a large and growing fan base across Europe through her daily yoga show on the Body in Balance network.  With her recently published book, Yoga for Real Life, Maya has moved beyond her place as a star performer and sought after teacher to guide women through real life issues including relationships, raising a family, and managing a career.  By offering her unique perspective on how to incorporate simple yoga and wellness practices into everyday life, the book has struck a chord with both single women and working mothers who strive to find solutions to the challenges of modern life.

In collaboration with Maya, be Network is developing a new original show based on her breakthrough book that is fun, uplifting, and inspirational.