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In their profile of the World’s Greatest Yoga Masters, Vanity Fair said “If America has adopted yoga, perhaps no other teacher has personalized it – Americanized it – more than John Friend … A big, gentle Texan who ditched a career in finance to teach yoga full-time.”

John is one of the most charismatic and respected hatha yoga teachers in the world.  Having developed his own brand of yoga, Anusara meaning ‘flowing with grace,’ John has created one of the largest and fastest growing schools with thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.  As a practice, Anusara yoga seeks to release emotions by aligning the body through specific poses.  Vanity Fair says that Anusara “often resembles a form of dance more than exercise or meditation … in the process, Friend has become something of a phenomenon … presiding over classes awash equally in sweat, laughter, and tears.”

John has taught yoga for almost thirty years, he has authored numerous books and released several CDs and DVDs, including ‘Anusara Yoga 101’ and ‘Growing Lotus.’  In the summer of 2009, John was one of two headliners at the inaugural Wanderlust Festival in Squaw Valley, CA, a first of its kind event that brought together leading figures from the worlds of yoga and music. While managing his growing company, John continues to teach over 30 weekend or weeklong seminars each year from North America to Latin America to Europe and Australia, and headline large yoga conferences and festivals. The practice of yoga is thousands of years old, but John has discovered a new and dynamic way to apply his vision to the twenty-first century.

In collaboration with be network, John is developing a new yoga show that will engage and inspire seasoned practitioners and novices alike.