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Author, public speaker and marketing guru, Andrea Adler, is driven by her passion for helping people achieve economic well-being through a holistic, progressive approach to their careers and professional endeavors.  By combining her extensive experience in eastern philosophies, education in western business principles and infectious personality, Andrea has helped thousands of professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses understand the laws of abundance and how to apply these powerful principles to achieve new heights.

Andrea is the founder of HolisticPR, a company based upon a new paradigm for marketing which features an integration of spiritual and practical solutions designed to produce long-term, sustainable results.  Andrea has authored three books – The Science of Spiritual Marketing, Creating an Abundant Practice, and PR for the Holistic Healer, and between regular TV and radio appearances she conducts a unique series of workshops as well as appearing as a headline speaker at conferences and events worldwide.

Andrea is collaborating with be network on a dynamic new show that will help people connect with their professional desires and achieve economic wellness.