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Alejandro’s knowledge as an M.D. coupled with his holistic insights set forth a program which is safe, easy to follow, and achieves amazing results. I have turned many of my friends on to this program and each one has experienced profound benefits, from weight loss to mental clarity to the end of chronic depression.” –Gwenyth Paltrow

New York Times Bestselling author, Dr. Alejandro Junger, a New York City cardiologist and leader in the field of integrative medicine, has touched thousands of lives with his revolutionary program designed to restore the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Born in Uruguay, Alejandro followed his lifelong passion for healing to medical school.  Upon graduation, he accepted a position as an intern in Internal Medicine at New York University’s Downtown Hospital. He then completed his fellowship in cardiovascular diseases at Lenox Hill Hospital.  While working hard, living a face-paced stressful life, and learning under doctors considered among the very best in their field, Alejandro’s health and well-being began to noticeably suffer.  He consulted with doctors who diagnosed his conditions and prescribed the standard treatments.  After six years, and just a few months short of completing his fellowship, Alejandro began to experience chest pains.  Being himself a cardiologist, he knew that his problem was not with his physical heart, and realized that he was suffering from depression.  After seeing more doctors with more diagnosis and more prescriptions for depression, irritable bowel syndrome and severe allergies, he decided to go in a completely different direction.  He studied Eastern Philosophies and volunteered at an ashram in India, ultimately erasing all distinctions among various forms of medicine and blending them together in an integrative approach he calls “Open-minded medicine.”

Through his bestselling book, Clean, Dr. Junger is helping people to better handle the toxicity of modern life.  His expertise on detoxification has made him a favorite on The Martha Stewart Show, and Vogue, Elle, People and Us Weekly have all featured Dr. Junger and his Clean program.

Dr. Junger has turned his cleanse and philosophy of Open-minded medicine into a new original docu-series, Clean America, that he is developing in collaboration with be network.