be is a lifestyle media company focused on wellness.  As the cost of health care continues to rise, and the quality of managed care declines, wellness has moved from a ‘nice to have’ to a personal and economic imperative.  According to the World Health Organization, nearly 75% of Americans now seek natural approaches to their health care.

be is working with fascinating and knowledgeable figures from the field of wellness, and profiling them and their compelling philosophies in entertaining media properties that can be seen via television, Internet, mobile, and other forms of distribution.

The company is now in production on its first original series – A Moment of Wellness – which features simple, relatable tips from be’s celebrated wellness experts.  The series focuses on a wide range of essential topics including integrative medicine, yoga and fitness, diet and nutrition, relationships, finances, and more.

The company is also in the development stage for be Network, the first HD lifestyle television network dedicated to wellness.  With a fascinating group of knowledgeable stars, and a unique programming mix that is entertaining, informative, and inspirational, be Network offers viewers a sense of how to bring balance and well-being into their daily lives by covering essential issues affecting the body, mind, and spirit.

be Network’s programming is diverse and filled with a rich selection of shows that appeal to a wide range of interests.  In the daytime, be Network features informative and entertaining makeover and talk shows hosted by leading figures from the world of integrative medicine, nutrition, alternative healing, beauty and anti-aging, stress reduction, and more; along with dynamic instructional shows for practitioners of yoga, dance, tai chi, and other forms of movement.  During Primetime, the network features its stars in entertaining original reality, travel, and docu-series with dramatic wellness themes.

With extensive media management experience, a large and growing market, and highly compelling personalities, the company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the favorable societal and media trends in health and well-being.