be is the first HD lifestyle television network dedicated to wellness with a fascinating group of knowledgeable stars, and a unique programming mix that is fun, entertaining, informative, and inspirational. be Network offers viewers a sense of how to bring balance and well-being into their daily lives by covering essential issues affecting the body, mind, and spirit.

be Network’s programming is diverse and filled with a rich selection of shows that appeal to a wide range of interests.  In the daytime, be Network features informative and entertaining makeover and talk shows hosted by leading figures from the world of integrative medicine, nutrition, alternative healing, beauty and anti-aging, stress reduction, and more; along with dynamic instructional shows for practitioners of yoga, dance, tai chi, and other forms of movement.  During Primetime, the network features its stars in entertaining original reality, travel, and docu-series with dramatic wellness themes.

be Network is built around personalities.  Compelling, entertaining, informed stars that incorporate principles of well-being and rejuvenation into their personal philosophies and everyday lives.  The network has assembled a diverse group of leading wellness figures covering a range of disciplines including: Dr. Alejandro Junger, a Latin Cardiologist and leader in the field of integrative medicine who’s personal health issues lead him on a search for alternative solutions to health care and who’s book, Clean, became a New York Times bestseller; Maya Fiennes, a classically trained concert pianist who’s musical talent and passion for yoga has produced a large and growing following worldwide, and who’s acclaimed book, Yoga for Real Life, has made her a role model and guide for women managing the stress and strains of everyday life; Dr. Timothy Brantley, a leading figure in the world of nutritional healing who’s real life experiences lead him to conduct groundbreaking research that serve as the basis for his thriving practice and best-selling book, The Cure: Heal Your Body, Save Your Life; John Friend, founder of Anusara Yoga, widely considered one of the world’s greatest yoga masters with thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students worldwide; Sophie Keller, an accomplished writer, life coach, and critically acclaimed actress who’s simple, sensible advice has made her a widely followed happiness expert; and Andrea Adler, author, public speaker and marketing guru who has helped people achieve economic well-being through a unique holistic approach to careers and professional endeavors.